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Marijuana can negatively impact drivers

It's not uncommon for motorists to share Ohio roads with drivers who are impaired by marijuana. However, determining if a driver is impaired by the drug is difficult. This is because marijuana can stay in a person's system for many days after it's smoked or otherwise ingested. Even if a test detects the substance in a person's system, this doesn't mean that he or she is impaired.

It may be possible to observe a person's behavior to determine if he or she is impaired during a traffic stop or after an accident. A drug recognition expert could offer an opinion as to whether an individual is impaired.

It's important to note that truck drivers may be subject to two different marijuana policies. While they might be able to use it legally in a private capacity, their employers could still fire them for doing so. Even if a person is allowed to use marijuana, it is not a good idea to drive while under its influence. Although many drivers believe that it does not impact their abilities, research suggests that it can have many negative cognitive impacts.

If an impaired or distracted truck driver causes an accident, he or she could be liable for any damages incurred by crash victims. Damages could include the cost of current or future medical treatment or lost wages. An attorney may review the evidence in a case and create a strategy to show that negligence led to the accident. A toxicology report could be a critical piece of evidence in a case involving a potentially impaired driver.

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