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Head-on collisions most common type of car-truck accident

Warm weather makes for optimal road trip weather for vacations, visiting family, attending music festivals and so much more. This means you and other drivers will share the road with large trucks at some point in your journey. Respecting a truck driver’s space makes both you and the truck driver safer.

Statistics show that crashes involving large trucks and regular passengers are deadlier for the drivers of the smaller vehicle. Head-on collisions were the most common types of accidents involving passenger vehicles and large trucks.

A head-on collision in April 2019 involving sedan and a large truck resulted in the death of the driver of the sedan. Paramedics took the truck driver and one of their passengers to the hospital to have their injuries treated while the other passenger walked away unscathed.

Dont take unnecessary risks

To avoid head-on collisions with these larger vehicles, remember that stopping is more difficult because of their mass. Consider this when debating whether it’s safe to pull out in front of a large truck. Never try to “beat” a truck by passing in front of the vehicle with minimal room. The consequences of a miscalculation could be fatal.

Inattentive driving can also cause you to drift over the center line and face-to-face with a large truck. The truck driver would may not have enough time to swerve or stop in time to avoid you if you cannot make an evasive maneuver yourself.

Driving in warmer weather is great but you must follow best safety practices, especially when it comes to sharing the road with large trucks. Respect that the mass of these vehicles increases their stopping distance for braking and less nimble than your smaller vehicle for sudden evasive maneuvers.

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