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Truck violations, driver fatigue raise risk for crashes

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has been studying the risk factors in commercial truck crashes for decades. It has found that truck defects and trucker fatigue are among the most prominent causes behind accidents. Truckers in Ohio may be interested to know about a 2016 study that focuses on the effect of short-haul exemptions on crash risk.

Groups push for more safety tech as truck crash fatalities rise

In 2017, a total of 4,102 people died in large truck crashes across the U.S. That was a 28 percent jump from 2009. Truck safety groups like Road Safe America and the Truck Safety Coalition are pushing for a federal law mandating that all heavy trucks be equipped with forward collision warning and mitigation systems. These can prevent thousands of rear-end accidents, which are prevalent in Ohio.

Bipartisan bill calls for more underride guards on trucks

Underride crashes, where a motor vehicle collides with a large truck and slides under it, are not uncommon in Ohio. They are some of the most severe of all large truck accidents, though, usually resulting in head and neck injuries. In many cases, occupants are decapitated. Vehicle safety features are normally rendered useless in such crashes and so cannot help. At least 300 people die in these crashes every year.

Truck safety groups urge Congress to end regulation delay

Commercial vehicle automatic emergency braking systems could prevent many big rig accidents in Ohio and around the country each year, but a regulation that would mandate their installation has been bogged down in Congress since 2006. Lawmakers have also failed to require trucking companies to switch on speed limiting devices that have been fitted to virtually all large trucks sold in America for decades.

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