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The importance of headlights in adverse driving conditions

Most of us relate the importance of headlights to being able to see while driving at night. However, your headlights are important for helping you see and be seen in other adverse driving conditions too.

Here are a few circumstances in which you should always keep your headlights on to improve safety for you and other drivers.


On really snowy days, everything turns white and the roads become slippery. If you’re driving a white or gray vehicle during a snowstorm, it can be easy for your car to blend in with its surroundings. This is the last thing you want while other drivers are already having trouble seeing the lines on the road.

Turn on your headlights to improve your visibility. This will minimize the chances of someone merging over into your vehicle, driving over the divider toward you or rear-ending you.


Heavy rain can also make it very difficult for drivers to see. Even if it’s the middle of the day, the sky could get very dark. As a rule of thumb, any time your visibility is reduced under 150 meters in the rain.


Vehicles that are equipped with fog lights should make sure to use these when it is difficult to see. Drivers should not use the high beam setting on their headlights during heavy fog under any circumstance. This will decrease your ability to see clearly and also make it more difficult for others to see too.


Under a bright blue sky and sunshine, you may not think it important to have your headlights on. While sunny days carry a lower risk of an accident happening, having your headlights on any time you are driving can still be a useful tool to increase your visibility.

Increased visibility near trucks

Using your headlights to try to stay seen can be especially useful when you are driving near semi trucks and other big rigs. However, if one of these vehicles is negligent, you could still end up in a costly accident.

In these situations, always call on an attorney for help. If you weren't seen, it's important to be heard!

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