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What you should do when a semitruck is turning to stay safe

It’s easy for anyone to tell that turning is one of the more difficult maneuvers to make while operating a big rig. For this reason, it’s not uncommon for those driving passenger a vehicle to get a little nervous while turning alongside a semi-truck.

If you fret at these turns, here are a few tips to help you avoid an accident.

At roundabouts

Roundabouts are becoming increasingly popular in the United States and studies show fewer accidents happening within them. However, small roundabouts that replace four-way traffic stops can oftentimes be too small for a semi-truck to navigate.

If you are entering a small roundabout alongside a semi-truck it may be safest to let the vehicle ahead of you. While this may stall traffic behind you, it limits the possibility of the large truck entering your lane. Never speed ahead of a semi-truck to change lanes in front of the truck abruptly.

In a two-lane turn

When turning right, some trucks may need to swing out to the left to be able to turn. Drivers in the left-hand lane of a two-lane turn who attempt to turn too tightly can easily collide with a larger truck on their right attempting this maneuver.

If you are in this situation, make sure to make your turn wide, staying nearer to the left line of the lane during the turn.

Next to you

If you are going straight and a semi-truck is turning on your left or right, don’t panic or make any jerkin movement away from the vehicle. You should be safe to stay as you are. Trying to give a semi more room or is more likely to cause an accident with the cars surrounding you.

While it may seem like a large semi-truck could come into your lane while turning, the Interstate Highway standards for the U.S. mandate that turn lanes are large enough to encompass these big rig vehicles without endangering other drivers.

What to do if you’re hit

If you are involved in a semi-truck accident, seek help from the experts in the business. Young & McCarthy LLP is a leading law firm in successful personal injury claims over semi-truck accidents.

We know how devastating these accidents can be. That’s why we’re prepared to fight for our clients.

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