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Common safety concerns among truck drivers

Drivers in Ohio frequently find themselves sharing the road with commercial trucks. It's important to realize that truckers face a unique set of challenges. Even after specialized training and on-the-job instruction, they are still at a high risk for accidents. The following are just some of the most common safety concerns among commercial truckers.

First are the adjustments that truckers must make to stopping distance and turning ratios. They need to slow down to a stop much earlier, avoid overcorrecting and make wide turns, which can be difficult on narrow city streets. Truckers must also drive defensively at all times, expecting other vehicles to engage in unsafe maneuvers.

Fatigue is a major concern since truckers drive for hours on end. While there are federal rules regulating the number of hours they can drive and the number of breaks they must take, some choose to break these in the effort to make up for delays and meet deadlines. Fatigue will negatively affect vision, judgment and reaction times.

Drug impairment is one more danger; although, most companies can address it via routine testing. On the other hand, alcohol impairment is harder to detect. Nevertheless, there are federal laws and industry standards that drivers must comply with.

The last danger is poor truck maintenance. Tires should be properly inflated, windshields should be clean and cargo should not exceed the federal weight restrictions.

As the above information suggests, truckers can become negligent in a lot of ways. If negligence is behind a truck accident, the transportation company may have to face a personal injury suit. Victims, for their part, may want legal representation because it will be almost impossible to negotiate for a settlement with the transportation company's own team of lawyers. With legal representation, a plaintiff will have experts working to prove the defendant's guilt and to show that the reported injuries are accident related.

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