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Truck accidents are on the rise

Large tractor-trailer trucks are a common sight on Ohio highways and across the nation as they play a key role in promoting commerce and the delivery of goods. With a vigorous economy, more and more trucks are racking up miles every day. Safety is always an issue with the trucking industry both as a product of the amount of time a trucker is behind the wheel and the public's interest in driving without fear of accidents.

Unfortunately, although vehicle crashes resulting in fatalities overall have gone down, those involving trucks have seen an increase, according to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report. While part of the increase is likely due to increased volume of truck traffic, that alone does not account for the numbers. Even as all traffic deaths are down approximately 2 percent, large truck fatalities are up over 15 percent.

The NHTSA has observed some trends over the last several years in regard to large truck crashes. Although there has been a decline in fatalities involving alcohol impairment, there has been a significant increase in collisions involving drivers with THC, prescription opioids and other opioids in their systems. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Although marijuana use is legal in some states medicinally or recreationally, it is illegal to drive while impaired.

Truck accidents are more complicated than those involving passenger cars. There are multiple competing interests and the presence of complex federal regulations to sort through. A personal injury lawyer can help determine if a truck driver's negligence was the cause behind a truck accident that resulted in injury.

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