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What you need to know about large trucks in the winter

It is almost impossible to drive down the highway and not see a large truck or semi. Most people know that sharing the road with semis can prove dangerous on a normal day. What about in the snow?

A U.S. Department of Transportation report shows that snow significantly increases the chances of an accident with a large truck or bus. What are the biggest hazards about sharing the road with a big rig while it is snowing? What tips can you use to help you stay safe in the upcoming winter weather?

Winter hazards

  • Stopping time: It takes a long time for semis to come to a complete stop. When the road snow is covering the road, it can be difficult for semis to stop in time, especially if a car slams on their brakes in front of them.
  • Blind spots: Semi-trucks have excessive blind spots, especially when compared to a typical car. If you are following closely behind a semi, they may not be able to see you, and if the road is slippery, you may find yourself in a bad accident.
  • Visibility: Heavy snowfall can make it difficult to see. If it is snowing, on top of the large blind spots semis have, they may have little visibility on the road. This can lead to nasty crashes.

Tips to sharing the road

While not all accidents are unavoidable, following these tips may be helpful:

  • Slow down: Speeding can exacerbate crashes and make it difficult to stop in the winter. When there is snow or ice covering the road, you could crash into a large truck.
  • Give trucks space: Not only do you need to watch out for the back of a large truck, but you could be in danger if you are driving next to a semi in one of their blind spots.

Knowing the dangers of driving with large trucks in the snow as well as safety tips to help avoid a crash can prove beneficial. This winter, be careful when sharing the road with a large truck.

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