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Dangerous times of the day to be driving behind a truck

The first instinct of most Ohio drivers when a truck is in front of them in their lane is to find a way to pass it. Trucks tend to be slower than your average motor vehicle, and if it comes an abrupt halt, your car could receive significant damages while the trucker’s barely receives a dent. Unfortunately, busy highways are not generous with the availability of open lanes you would need to pass the large vehicle in front of you.

With the fall approaching and the weather and amount of sunshine we get changing with the season, it is important that you are aware of dangerous moments during the day where you should try to avoid driving behind a truck. The circumstances these moments bring could increase the likelihood of an accident, and you want to be as far away from these as you can.

When it’s raining

September still has plenty of rainy days left before the season shifts towards falling leaves and snowflakes. You must drive slower in rain to avoid sliding forward and crashing into something, though you cannot control how extreme some road conditions are. One misstep on a wet road could lead to a devastating rear-end if a truck is in front of you.

Some truck drivers will start slowing down as well, which could throw you off if they perform it more abruptly. The ones who attempt to go fast could end up like this Ohio semi-truck driver who recently had his leg amputated after the slick road made him crash into a metal ramp.

During a sunset

Sunsets are one of the few times of the day where some Ohio drivers actually prefer a truck being in front of them. The large vehicle blocks out the sun and leaves the motorists with significantly less glare.

However, that doesn’t stop the truck driver from getting a heavy dosage of glare in their eyes. It alters their speed and steering inconsistently and could lead to them hitting a nearby vehicle or slow down into yours. You also need to keep in mind that if you or the truck driver change lanes, that glare will come down on your eyes immediately. It can be difficult to adjust to when you have been relaxing your eyes behind the truck for so long. Sunsets are especially hazardous in the fall in Ohio because the sun starts coming down when everyone leaves work.

At night

As the National Safety Council points out, nighttime is riddled with drivers that are tired and still adjusting their eyes to the darkness. This is especially true for truck drivers given how long they have been on the road all day looking into the bright sky. Truck driver fatigue is one of the main causes of truck accidents, so you want to avoid Ohio truckers at night when they are most vulnerable.

The low visibility will not do you or the trucker any favors either. The deer population also begin running into the streets more often at night, and it’s a lose-lose situation with a truck in front of you. If the deer missed the truck, it can still hit you and you would not be prepared with the truck blocking your initial viewing. If it hits the truck, it can come to an abrupt stop and cause you to crash.

Autumn increases the chances for you to encounter trucks at these dangerous moments during the day. If you take these precautions but still end up in a horrible truck accident, you should consider contacting attorneys that specialize in personal injury to help you obtain coverage.

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