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Maintaining truck brakes in the wake of Brake Safety Week

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has already conducted its brake inspection spree for the year, but commercial truck drivers in Ohio should not feel that they can now neglect their brakes. The fleet tracking and management systems company Teletrac Navman offers some tips to truck drivers and fleet owners on how they can maintain brake safety.

Dangerous times of the day to be driving behind a truck

The first instinct of most Ohio drivers when a truck is in front of them in their lane is to find a way to pass it. Trucks tend to be slower than your average motor vehicle, and if it comes an abrupt halt, your car could receive significant damages while the trucker’s barely receives a dent. Unfortunately, busy highways are not generous with the availability of open lanes you would need to pass the large vehicle in front of you.

Trucks taken off the road due to brake violations

Ohio motorists have good reason to be worried about truck crashes. When a motor vehicle accident involves a large semi truck, occupants of other vehicles are at a heightened risk of serious injuries. When trucks are unsafe, it can make them difficult to control and lead to devastating results. This is one reason why the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance runs the International Roadcheck program, a series ofinspections that seek to discover safety problems in commercial trucks on North American roads. Over the summer, almost 12,000 trucks and buses were taken out of service due to safety violations discovered in these types of CVSA inspections.

Speeding and careless operation among CMV drivers

Commercial motor vehicle drivers in Ohio, as in any other state, are held to a higher safety standard than noncommercial drivers. The first requirement is for drivers to have a commercial driver's license; trucking companies cannot under any circumstances hire a disqualified CDL driver. Those who exhibit consistently unsafe driving behaviors also cannot be employed.

FMCSA seeks comments on proposed HOS rule changes

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published an advance notice of proposed rulemaking in August, which details various changes that it may make to commercial truck drivers' hours-of-service rules. The FMCSA is seeking input up until Sept. 24 before it decides whether or not to implement these changes, so truckers and fleet owners in Ohio will want to follow the developments closely.

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