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1 in 8 Ohio crashes involves a tractor-trailer truck

According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, one out of every eight fatal crashes in the state involves a tractor-trailer truck. However, the report places most of the blame for these accidents on the drivers of passenger vehicles.

The report found that 70 percent of collisions between semi-trucks and cars occur because the driver of the smaller vehicle engaged in some sort of dangerous driving behavior. These behaviors include cutting a truck off, slamming on the car's brakes and distracted driving. Traffic safety experts note that large trucks can weigh over 40 tons, which makes it impossible for them to come to a quick stop in the event of an emergency.

In order to avoid motor vehicle accidents, experts say that drivers should stay in their lanes and be sure to leave enough distance between themselves and the vehicles ahead of them. Meanwhile, motorists should also avoid texting and driving or making phone calls while behind the wheel. Phones can easily distract a driver and lead to a serious crash.

While some truck accidents are caused by the drivers of passenger vehicles, many others are caused by negligent truck drivers. For example, each year, thousands of crashes are linked to drowsy, distracted, reckless or impaired truck drivers. Victims of these accidents have the right to pursue financial compensation for their losses. After filing a personal injury lawsuit, a victim could be awarded a settlement that covers damages such as pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and property loss. A victim could begin the lawsuit process by contacting an attorney and having their case evaluated. If a lawsuit is recommended, the attorney could help prepare the claim and represent the victim's interests in court.

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