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What's involved in a large truck crash

A recent study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that 69 percent of fatalities in large-truck accidents are the occupants of smaller passenger vehicles; only 16 percent tend to be truck occupants. Ohio drivers will want to act very cautiously around trucks and know what signs of danger to look out for.

The following are some of the most common factors in truck accidents: distracted driving, drowsy driving and poor truck maintenance. Truckers can become inattentive to the road as they eat, text or make calls. They can become drowsy after working long hours and may even violate the federal hours-of-service regulations or ignore mandated rest periods in the effort to meet a deadline.

Too much cargo or an unbalanced load can also contribute to an accident. Truckers suffering from sleep apnea or prone to medical episodes can seriously increase their risk for a crash. Adverse weather as well as debris and other obstacles on the road can play an additional role.

Those who survive a truck accident are often left with catastrophic injuries like spinal cord fractures and traumatic brain injuries. They can break bones, suffer cuts and puncture wounds from glass and other debris, bleed internally and suffer organ damage, especially in the abdominal area.

Because truck crashes have such long-term effects, victims may want to get started on the injury claim as soon as possible. There is a two-year statute of limitations. Victims may have a lawyer evaluate the case, and the lawyer in turn might hire experts to gather proof of the trucker's negligence and determine the extent of the injuries. Victims may have their lawyer negotiate for the settlement, and if successful, they might be covered for past and future medical expenses, rehabilitative care, lost wages and more.

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