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Technology helps trucking companies prevent distracted driving

Ohio residents may think of cell phone use or sophisticated navigation and entertainment systems when the subject of distracted driving is raised, but studies have found that motorists who are lost in thought could be an even bigger danger. This is an especially serious problem when the vehicles involved are semi-tractor trailers that can weigh as much as 40 tons. The commercial trucking industry has turned to the technology sector and smartphone makers to help them tackle the issue.

FMCSA announces CSA revision plan

Trucking companies in Ohio and around the country have long been critical of the Compliance, Safety and Accountability initiative from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and Congress ordered the government watchdog to improve the program in 2015 by passing the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act. Legislators took action after trade groups said that the CSA relied on shoddy data and alarmed members of the public with unfair and misleading safety scores.

Will emerging tech improve commercial trucking safety?

With the onset of automobiles and paved roads in the early 20th century came commercial trucking. Since commercial trucking’s debut, their presence has been a necessary evil on the roadways. While there is no doubt that our society relies heavily on the goods delivered by trucks, there is also no doubt that they are extremely dangerous.

What's involved in a large truck crash

A recent study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that 69 percent of fatalities in large-truck accidents are the occupants of smaller passenger vehicles; only 16 percent tend to be truck occupants. Ohio drivers will want to act very cautiously around trucks and know what signs of danger to look out for.

Trucking driving and safety

Ohio residents who operate commercial and work vehicles should be aware of the importance of safety while driving. A fleet management systems provider conducted an examination of the driving behaviors of over 6,200 fleet customers. The data was obtained from a two-year period spanning October 2015 through September 2017 and included information regarding small and midsize enterprises that had two to 200 trucks, along with various other types of vehicles, such as light vans.

Truck crash takes Ohio woman's life

Interstate 90 was shut down in a section of Ohio on July 1, 2018, after a fatal truck crash started a fire in the large semi-truck. The highway was closed between State Route 11 and State Route 45 after the fire erupted following a collision between the semi-truck and a passenger vehicle, a Chevrolet Cobalt. At least one woman died as a result of the crash, while two more vehicle passengers were taken away in air ambulances to Cleveland hospitals for urgent treatment.

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