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Brake inspection for truck drivers set for September

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be conducting a nationwide brake inspection spree for the week of September 16 to 22, so commercial truck drivers in Ohio will want to make sure that their brakes are properly functioning. The CVSA stresses the importance of brakes in providing efficient braking and in maintaining public safety on the roads.

CVSA inspection spree focused on trucker fatigue

Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducts a three-day inspection spree together with safety organizations and law enforcement personnel across the nation. Called the International Roadcheck, the event is meant to check for the compliance of bus and large truck drivers with current safety guidelines. Truckers in Ohio who were not stopped may be wondering what the results were. At the moment, the 2018 numbers have not been published.

Reducing distracted driving through punishment and education

Even though many Ohio truck drivers are aware of the dangers of distracted driving, they often still engage in distracting activities while driving. To reduce and even prevent distracted driving in the trucking industry, experts are suggesting that strong punishment followed by education may be needed to make roads safer.

The injuries most frequently caused by truck accidents

Many Ohio motorists see commercial trucks on the road every day. Unfortunately, 97 percent of fatalities in crashes between large trucks and passenger vehicles are from occupants in the latter. Below are just some of the most common injuries that survivors may be left to cope with.

Trucking Alliance vows to crack down on drug testing drivers

Are trucking companies doing enough to ensure that drivers are drug-free before handing them a set of keys? Sadly, not all of them. Several reports have shown that trucking companies aren’t doing their part to properly screen applicants. As a result, impaired truckers have caused fatal accidents and continue to put others on the road at risk.

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