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Truck accidents happen for a variety of reasons

Everyday after work, you take the same route home. Without fail, this route has gotten you home safely week after week, month after month, and year after year. But on this day, something is different. The truck that you're approaching seems a bit erratic out on the road. And sure enough, as you pass by, the truck swerves uncontrollably and crashes into you.

Truck accidents like this happen every day, and they can cost people their livelihood, if not their lives. The injuries a victim can suffer after a truck accident are numerous and terrible, ranging from broken bones and severe lacerations, to paralysis and loss of limbs. The injuries are often fatal in nature.

When the truck driver, truck company, or truck itself is at fault, there can be immense mental and emotional trauma that comes with the physical pain. You may wonder "why did the driver fall asleep" or "why was the driver intoxicated or distracted." You may curse the fact that the cargo was improperly loaded causing the truck to swerve, or that the trucking company failed to adequately train the driver. And in these cases, it is best to remind yourself of your legal rights -- and then to take positive steps forward.

There are cases where the truck driver or trucking company aren't at fault though. Sometimes drivers of smaller vehicles pass trucks in an unsafe manner, or merge in front of trucks too quickly or brake soon thereafter, making it difficult for the truck to safely brake in time. It is important to remember this too because in the end, this is all about safety.

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