Underride Accidents — Jackknife/U-turn/Intersection Collisions

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Truck drivers and their companies have to comply with 640 federal safety regulations. Jackknife, U-turn and intersection accidents often result in an underride. These often result in the most catastrophic and deadly truck crashes that our attorneys have successfully litigated in favor of our clients.

These unexpected and preventable accidents are the frequent cause of serious life-altering injuries and death. Patterns of noncompliance are ordinarily proven by steady penalties in one or more of the Behavioral Analysis Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs).

At Young & McCarthy LLP, our lawyers work to get the maximum compensation for your case while making the roads safer by holding trucking companies accountable.

U-Turns And Route Planning

Truck drivers are trained never to make a "U" turn on any street, road, highway or interstate unless law enforcement specifically directs them to do so.

If a truck driver gets lost on a turn, the driver is supposed to continue until a large parking lot to turn around in becomes available. Otherwise, the driver should go around the block. An on-schedule trip can easily go off-schedule if a route plan is not prepared ahead of time.

Drivers are required to plan ahead, choosing the safest route to maneuver and load their doubles and triples, tanker trailers and hazardous material vehicles.

Truck Accidents Are More Complex Than Car Accidents

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