Rear-End Accidents

We Can Help You If You Were Rear-Ended By A Truck

A rear-end collision involving the front of a truck hitting the rear of a car is a common accident because it takes trucks longer than cars to slow down or stop. Trucks are larger, heavier and take greater skill to maneuver than cars. Truck bumpers often don't match a car's bumper resulting in an override collision causing the truck to go into the passenger compartment. This leads to catastrophic and deadly results.

Rear-end truck accidents are very common, especially when speed limiters and an automatic emergency braking (AEB) system is not installed on a truck or brakes are not maintained properly.

Putting Practical Truck Knowledge To Work In Your Favor

When a collision occurs the Department of Transportation (DOT) performs a post-collision Level I inspection of the driver and the equipment.

Infractions of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) are recorded as violations that negatively impact the truck company's safety measurement scores (SMSs).

Enforcement officials analyze the data from these types of violations and work to identify trucking companies for increased accountability of safety standards.

When violations indicate a trucking company is increasingly noncompliant with regulations, the company is required to submit to a company-wide compliance review (CR).

We Provide Individualized Help

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