Trucking Accident Investigations

How Soon Will The Insurance Companies Begin Their Defense?

Right away. The insurance companies have "rapid response teams" that can be on the scene of an accident before the first responders and police clear the site.

The insurance companies start building their defense against your claim almost immediately after your crash. Their experts and defense attorneys can begin working before you leave the hospital or before your loved one is properly laid to rest.

Our attorneys combat the tactics of the Trucking Industry Defense Association (TIDA), a national organization that trains insurance defense lawyers and their trucking company clients to deploy these teams of defense attorneys or claims adjusters. Very few attorneys or firms, like Young & McCarthy LLP, focus primarily on truck crash cases. Defense attorneys and claims adjusters know our reputation both in the courtroom and with truck safety advocacy. Our experience will serve you in a greater capacity than an attorney who only sometimes handles truck crash cases.

Our Biggest Motivator Is Making The Trucking Industry Safer On The Highways

Our clients encourage us. We fight for their loves ones and sincerely want the trucking industry to be safer.

Our attorneys are involved in truck safety advocacy in Washington, D.C., working with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and federal agencies to promote trucking safety nationwide, not just in the heartland of America, where we are based.

We also extend our efforts to promote trucking safety to working directly with safety vendors such as Bendix to push truck cab safety technology.

Our Goal Is To Secure The Full Compensation You Deserve

If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to a truck crash on Highway 80, 90, 480, 71, 77, 75, 70, 271, or 270 in Ohio, contact our firm to today to explore the benefits of working with an experienced lawyer.

While our attorneys mainly serve people who have been injured in Ohio, we also assist people who have been injured in a trucking accident that occurred regionally, in Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky, and throughout the nation

Contact us at our office near Cleveland to schedule a free initial consultation by calling 866-541-2220, or complete our online form. Our firm provides legal services on a contingency basis. We will collect attorneys' fees only if we obtain compensation for you.