Maintenance Failures

We Use Our Knowledge Of Truck Equipment To Advocate For You

Because of our extensive experience and background as CDL drivers, we have seen firsthand the bad actors in the trucking industry. We work to expose their patterns of bad behavior to make the highways safer for everyone, including other truckers.

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Safety First

Drivers should conduct inspections of their trucks and loads prior to embarking on a trip as well as after a trip. Equipment failures can create devastating results on the highway.

Before starting up their truck for the journey, drivers should conduct a complete inventory of their engine, alerting to the possibility of oil or other fluid leaks, bent, broken or cracked components, or frayed wiring.

Drivers are also responsible to perform daily inspections of their tires, brakes, lights and signals to be sure they are in proper working order. Maintenance should be carried out immediately to avoid mechanical failures of their vehicle.

Improper maintenance has been at the root of many fatal truck collisions.

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