Driver Fatigue

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Driver fatigue results from a lack of good sleep, long work hours, and physical or mental overexertion. Truck companies often require drivers to work beyond their individual capabilities.

When a collision results, the Department of Transportation (DOT) performs a post-collision Level I inspection of the driver and the equipment.

According To A DOT Study On Large Truck Crash Causation, 13 Percent Of Truck Drivers Were Considered To Have Been Fatigued When Their Crash Occurred.

When a trucker is over his hours of service (HOS) as evidenced on his electronic logging device (ELD), fatigued driving practices are documented. A trained eye can spot when an electronic log has been edited to give the appearance of compliance.

The Federal Government Enforces Compliance

The trucking industry's rules and regulations are enforced under a federal enforcement program called Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA). If a trucking company and/or a driver is found to be noncompliant with the regulations, then they are not safe, and must be held accountable.

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While the trucking industry is highly regulated by the federal government, noncompliance is still an issue resulting in catastrophic trucking crashes.

Trucking companies continue to put their delivery schedules and production ahead of the human factor and deploy fatigued and therefore dangerous drivers onto the highways.

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