Causes Of Trucking Accidents

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At Young & McCarthy LLP, we understand the damage that trucking accidents cause, and we understand how to uncover the full range of evidence necessary to build a strong case.

Causes of trucking accidents include:

Protect Your Loved Ones With Suitable Recovery

Our attorneys teach other attorneys through lecture series and continuing education programs about truck safety technology and other critical aspects of handling trucking cases in the courtroom.

At Young & McCarthy LLP, we explain the technicalities of the industry to optimize your overall recovery. We are frequently and repeatedly asked to speak to trial attorneys throughout the country to educate them about how to properly handle truck crashes. We believe you are best served hiring the teacher and not simply the student. Look to see whether or not the attorney you are entrusting with your case is a trusted thought-leader by his or her peers.

In the courtroom, it is important for the jury to see clearly that a trucking company executive can choose to avert accidents by using certain safety equipment and driver training methods. When they fail to make choices that can improve the safety of their trucks on the road, they need to be held accountable.

Did The Truck Company Provide Defensive Training For Its Drivers?

The trucking industry operates under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations that require a variety of means to ensure safety. There are other tools that help truckers operate safely, such as the Commercial Driver's License Handbook, defensive driver training materials and truck driving school textbooks. We will investigate if the trucking company that caused your accident provided all the proper training and whether they put the driver in a situation where safe operation was difficult or impossible to achieve.

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