Benefits Of Working With Attorneys With CDLs

Our Attorneys Have Practical Truck Knowledge

There is no substitute for firsthand knowledge of truck driving. Two of our attorneys hold class A commercial driver's licenses (CDLs), and this gives our practice a unique edge.

Knowing the industry as well as we do gives us an insider's perspective. This allows us to know what evidence to look for and where to find it. It sharpens our preparation for litigation and our ability to present a high-caliber case for you or your loved ones.

The benefits of working with a lawyer at Young & McCarthy LLP also include our awareness of certain aspects of the industry, including which truck companies will spare no expense to defend against a claim.

How Do I Go About Protecting Evidence?

Federal regulations require truck companies to preserve their truck maintenance documents for three months and hours of service (HOS) records for six months. We also want to see the truck and trailer involved in the crash before it is put back into service or forever destroyed. It is important that this evidence is preserved right away.

Our attorneys can meet you in your home or at our office to set up the process. When you hire us, we set out to preserve key evidence by sending the truck company, truck driver and their insurance company a "letter of protection" to safeguard documentation we may use in court from destruction.

We also explore other available proof that may have been available from the scene of the crash, such as brake marks on the pavement. An inspection report taken of all vehicles involved is information as well.

Our Diverse Abilities Work In Your Favor

At Young & McCarthy LLP, our focus on helping truck crash victims is based on practical legal representation, trial experience and truck driving experience. We seek a fair and just settlement for the sake of you and your loved ones.

Contact our attorneys in our office near Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, toll free at 866-541-2220, for a free consultation, or online.